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Senior projects seek higher density designations
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Forsyth County News

The Forsyth County planning board reviewed another round of residential rezoning applications, including two senior living projects, during its work session Tuesday night

The requests will be up for board recommendations at its Sept. 24 regular meeting.

Two separate senior developments in south Forsyth have asked for higher density residential categories to complete their projects.

Planning Commissioner Jayne Iglesias said residents near a requested Res-6 rezoning have expressed concerns that the senior housing project would set a precedent for higher density residential in the area if the zoning category is approved.

The 24-acre site on Stoney Point Road at Hwy. 141 would include 130 attached homes if the request is granted.

The property is adjacent to Orchards at Brannon Oak Farm, an active adult community, and it’s intended to be a similar product, Iglesias said.

Senior living developers can apply for a conditional use permit, which includes an increased density bonus and limits the property to that use, said Forsyth County Senior Planner Vanessa Bernstein-Goldman.

In the case of the Stoney Point plan, the senior living proposal is a marketing concept only and not included in the application, she said.

In response to a question by Iglesias, Bernstein-Goldman said the board could add zoning conditions to limit the use.

The other senior development plan requesting rezoning this month would include independent and assisted living on an 87.5-acre property on Old Atlanta Road across from St. Marlo Country Club.

The Res-4 calls for 104 units of quadriplexes and 150 assisted living units.

Only a small portion of the large tract is slated for development, leaving the remaining wetlands natural.

Bernstein-Goldman said the developer in this case did request a conditional use permit, which is required for assisted living.

Staff was non-supportive of the application due to the plan to include a two- or three-story building for the assisted living portion, which seemed too large for the character of that area.

The planning board also continued discussion on a rezoning from commercial to Res-4 on Hwy.141 at Brookwood Road.

The board held the public hearing in August, but postponed the decision after adjacent residents expressed concerns about the buffer and impact of development on a subdivision lake.

The planning board makes recommendations on applications, which are sent to the county commission for a final vote.