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Cops and critters Forsyth County Sheriffs deputies hailed for rescuing wildlife

FORSYTH COUNTY — Owls, turtles and animals of Forsyth County have no fear. Law enforcement is here to get you out of the road or untangle you from wires.

Social media pages have highlighted two recent acts of animal kindness involving Forsyth County Sheriff’s deputies.

On Sept. 16, the agency’s Facebook page displayed photos of Capt. Chuck Smith with a barred owl he rescued from a barbed-wire fence.

Smith was apparently riding his bike along the Big Creek Greenway with his wife when they came across the large owl injured and trapped.

After freeing it, they took it to the sheriff’s office north precinct to meet up with an animal control deputy.

The owl was taken to the Chattahoochee Nature Preserve to be cared for and rehabilitated before possibly returning in three or four months to within one mile of where Smith found it, according to the post.

Another critter encounter occurred Thursday when a resident shared that a deputy had helped a turtle on Ronald Reagan Boulevard near South Forsyth High School.

Deputy Eaton, according to the sheriff’s office, was the man who turned on his flashing lights, got out of his vehicle, walked into the road and carried the turtle to some tall weeds beyond a fence.

“I don’t know who he was,” the resident’s post read, “but I like that policeman.”