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Homeowner foils theft from car
Authorities: Remove valuables from car during holiday season
Pablo Garcia Jr.
Pablo Garcia Jr.

A 20-year-old Alpharetta man is in jail after being discovered Monday morning in a vehicle he was allegedly attempting to steal from in south Forsyth, officials said.

Around 5 a.m. Dec. 4, an Edenham subdivision homeowner caught Pablo Garcia Jr. inside the car, which was parked near Windermere Parkway in south Forsyth, according to Cpl. Doug Rainwater, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office

“[The victim] came out to his car to get ready for work and saw a male in his car going through his dashboard,” Rainwater said. “The [suspect] ran and the homeowner called 911 and gave us a very good description of the suspect and the direction in which the male was running. While responding, our deputies found the person matching the description walking out of the subdivision. They detained him and he was identified as the person inside the homeowner’s car.”

Rainwater added that through the course of the investigation, the sheriff’s office “learned of another person that was participating in entering autos,” though “this was likely their first stop because no one reported anything else missing.”

The second suspect was not caught, though he is known to the sheriff’s office 

as “a person who has participated in this kind of activity before,” Rainwater said.

The sheriff’s office does have warrants for his arrest, and as of Monday afternoon, Garcia remained in the Forsyth County Jail on $5,610 bond.

Rainwater stressed that while residents should always be vigilant in taking items out of their cars and into their homes at night, it is especially important around this time of the year.

“Make sure your valuables are out of sight or in your house when you park your car,” he said. “This is the season of [increased break-ins,] from now until New Year’s Day.”