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Police: Fraud suspect, accomplices targeted golf courses in Forsyth, Hall counties
Thomas E Sebrell

OAKWOOD — A Lawrenceville man is accused of committing credit card fraud and allegedly looking through golf courses in Forsyth and Hall counties for unattended valuables, according to police.

Thomas Edward Sebrell, 64, was charged with identity theft, financial transaction card fraud, first-degree forgery and exploiting an elderly person in alleged connection to a credit card fraud incident Jan. 5. He was booked Saturday into the Hall County Jail.

Sebrell is accused of buying a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox at an Oakwood GameStop and a 55-inch flat screen television at a Buford Wal-Mart.

Oakwood Police Sgt. Danny Sridej said a citizen called in and provided information on the suspects.

Sridej and the department believe Sebrell and some alleged accomplices have targeted golf course communities in Hall and Forsyth for the past 12 months.

“The reason the suspects chose golf course communities is because the victims are executives and wealthy people who often carry large amounts of cash inside their vehicles, golf carts, golf bags and wallets,” Sridej said in a news release.

“Their wallets also usually contain credit cards with high limits or no limit.”

The card from the Jan. 5 incident came from Chicopee Woods, Sridej said.

Sridej said Forsyth County law enforcement had heard multiple reports of people watching golfers leave their golf carts before looking for valuables.

“A lot of golf players put their wallets in the golf bag,” Sridej said.

Oakwood police have not released names of any alleged accomplices.