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Event welcomes community to Kelly Mill
Michael Kelling checks out the book fair Saturday during a Family Fun Day at Kelly Mill Elementary. - photo by Autumn Vetter

There were horses and inflatables, as well as video games and a book sale.

But perhaps the most exciting part of Kelly Mill Elementary’s Family Fun Day for Logan Dominique was the chance to learn about his new school.

Come August, Dominique will be a fifth-grader. Despite spending the past five years at Sawnee Elementary, he’s excited to finish his grade school experience at the new Kelly Mill.

“It’s a really good school and I looked in a room and the rooms are really nice,” he said. “It has a technology lab and my last school didn’t have as much technology as this school.”

Kelly Mill will open in August. Before the new school year, the administration is opening its doors for several events to help students feel more comfortable as they transition there.

“We want especially for kids to be comfortable, and we want them to feel welcome and at home and to relieve some of the anxiety that they may have for that first day of school,” said June Tribble, Kelly Mill’s assistant principal.

“We want parents and kids and the community involved. We want them to be a part of the school and we want them involved so they can be part of their kids’ education.”

The Family Fun Day on Saturday featured a variety of events for the community, as well as campus tours to show parents and students the classrooms and amenities. Those include a non-traditional open media center, designed to be the hub of the school.

While browsing the book sale, Glenn Kelling said son Michael was a little apprehensive about changing schools.

“He just mentioned on his way here that he’s upset that one of his friends won’t be coming to this school next year,” Kelling said. “But he’ll make friends, I have no worries about that.”

Kelling said getting to see the new school makes him more comfortable about the upcoming transition. It will also help his son.

“It will help let him see where he’ll be coming next year,” Kelling said. “It makes, I think, the transition a little easier for him leaving the new school and coming to a new one.”

For Claire Hasty, Kelly Mill will be all she knows. The rising kindergartener’s mother, Stacie, said she was slated to attend Cumming Elementary prior to redistricting.

“We live right in the neighborhood behind here,” said Stacie Hasty. “We’re excited that it’s new and we’ve heard good teachers are supposed to be coming over here.”

Kayla Lewick will also be entering kindergarten at Kelly Mill in August. Her father, Todd, said it will be nice for his daughter to start fresh in a new school.

After taking the tour, Todd Lewick liked the layout.

“And it sounds like the media stuff they’re going to be doing here and all of the technology is going to be really good for the kids.”