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Forsyth school construction projects on track
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FORSYTH COUNTY -- School may be out for the summer for students and teachers, but campuses throughout Forsyth County are still teeming with people.

Nearly half of the public schools in Forysth County are either under construction or nearing completion, including two new schools on track to open this fall.

The Forsyth County Fire Department’s Fire Marshal’s Office recently completed inspections at eight schools, which means they are ready to move furniture in, install security cameras and information technology and welcome students and staff, said Tom Wening, director of construction for the school system.

“There’s still landscaping, paint fixes, critical work to be done in the next few weeks,” he said, “but you can rest assured there will be no drama come August 1.”

Those projects included the gym, cafeteria, concession stand and other additions at North Forsyth High; additions at Forsyth Central High; the cafeteria, gym and other additions at South Forsyth High; and the addition of 19 classrooms and a band room at Lambert High.

Inspections were also completed for the addition of 23 classrooms at South Forsyth Middle and 24 classrooms at Riverwatch Middle.

The Fire Marshal also approved DeSana Middle and Brandywine Elementary for operation. They both are located between McFarland Parkway, Union Hill Road and Atlanta Highway (Hwy. 9) in southwest Forsyth.

Front entrance modifications at Liberty, Little Mill, North Forsyth, Otwell, Piney Grove, South Forsyth, Riverwatch and Vickery Creek middle schools for enhanced security have been completed.

The loop road at South has long since caused backups onto the main roadway with parents waiting to pick their children up, said Kristin Morrissey, Board of Education representative for District 2 in south Forsyth.

Construction still in progress at high schools includes renovations at North, Central and South, as well as renovations to Lambert’s engineering and health labs and to West Forsyth’s art, computer and engineering labs.

Site work is underway at Denmark High School, which broke ground last month and is expected to open in the fall of 2018.

Next steps include reducing the number of modular units sitting in parking lots, though they will not all be taken away until Denmark opens to relieve overcrowding, Wening said.

Morrissey said it will be nice for seniors in many of these high schools to see the projects they have had to adjust to during their time on campus be completed.