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How Forsyth County schools scored on latest Georgia Milestones assessments

Results of the Georgia Milestones assessments were released Friday, and Forsyth County Schools again led the way.

Forsyth County Schools greatly outpaced the state in the percentage of students that scored as a proficient learner or better, one of four levels of achievement for the Milestones. Proficient learners are students who “are prepared for the next grade level or course and are on track for college and career readiness,” according to the Georgia Department of Education.

The school system outpaced the state by 16-18 percentage points in reading, 25-30 percentage points in English Language Arts, 26 percentage points in science and 25-33 percentage points in mathematics.

In Georgia, Forsyth County Schools had the highest scores in eight categories: fourth-grade math, fifth-grade math, fifth-grade social studies, sixth-grade English Language Arts, sixth-grade math, seventh-grade English Language Arts, seventh-grade math and algebra I.

Among large school systems with more than 1,000 students, Forsyth County Schools had the highest scores in 13 categories:

- third-grade English Language Arts

- third-grade math

- fourth-grade English Language Arts

- fifth-grade English Language Arts

- fifth-grade science

- eighth-grade English Language Arts

- eighth-grade math

- eighth-grade social studies

- ninth-grade literature

- American Lit

- Biology

- Economics

- Geometry

Daves Creek Elementary School was particularly strong, scoring tops in the state for third-grade math, fourth-grade math and fifth-grade math.

In addition, three other schools topped the state in a category: Lambert High School (economics), Riverwatch Middle School (seventh-grade math) and South Forsyth Middle School (eighth-grade ELA).

“We congratulate our staff and students on their hard work and commitment,” Forsyth County Schools Superintendent Jeff Bearden said in a statement. “Most importantly, we recognize that our staff provide love, support and care for our students and develop strong relationships with the students and their families to ensure not only academic success, but life success.”

The Georgia Milestones assessments started in 2014-15 as a method to measure students’ readiness for the “next level of learning,” according to the Georgia Department of Education.

Students from third- to eighth-grade take an end-of-grade assessment in English Language Arts and mathematics, while students from fifth- to eighth-grade are also assessed in science and social studies. High school students take an end-of-course assessment for 10 courses designated by the State Board of Education.

By the numbers

ENGLISH (percentage of proficient learners or above)


Third-grade: 42.0%

Fifth-grade: 45.0%

Eighth-grade: 47.0%

Forsyth County

Third-grade: 67.8%

Fifth-grade: 72.3%

Eighth-grade: 77.0%

MATH (percentage of proficient learners or above)


Third-grade: 52.0%

Fifth-grade: 41.0%

Eighth-grade: 44.0%

Forsyth County

Third-grade: 77.6%

Fifth-grade: 74.5%

Eighth-grade: 76.6%

SCIENCE (percentage of proficient learners or above)


Fifth-grade: 43.0%

Eighth-grade: 41.0%

Forsyth County

Fifth-grade: 70.5%

Eighth-grade: 67.7%

SOCIAL STUDIES (percentage of proficient learners or above)


Fifth-grade: 31.0%

Eighth-grade: 41.0%

Forsyth County

Fifth-grade: 57.3%

Eighth-grade: 66.5%

READING (percentage of student at grade level of above)


Third-grade: 73.0%

Fifth-grade: 73.0%

Eighth-grade: 74.0%

Forsyth County

Third-grade: 89.0%

Fifth-grade: 90.1%

Eighth-grade: 92.7%