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School was locked down for medical procedure, not threat
District: Not all lockdowns code red
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Forsyth County News

FORSYTH COUNTY — Parents, teachers and students all hope they never have to experience a real crisis situation at a school that causes a lockdown.

That’s why the procedures in place are frequently used to prepare and prevent the compromise of a school’s safety, as was the case Wednesday morning.

A medical lockdown involving the need to assist a staff member at Whitlow Elementary led to concerns voiced to Forsyth County News and a reminder by Forsyth County school system that not every lockdown means a crisis is unfolding.

With more than 42,000 students and 4,300 staff members in schools throughout the district, Jennifer Caracciolo, a spokeswoman for the district, said this procedure happens daily.

“Medical lockdowns are to ensure the person in the medical situation receives proper care and, if first responders are needed, that they can easily get to the individual,” Caracciolo said. “Learning still occurs within the classrooms.”

The school system has procedures for medical lockdowns (code blue), as well as code yellow and code red lockdowns.

Code yellow procedures are used when there is a potentially dangerous situation on or near a campus, said Tim Monroe, assistant director of school safety and student discipline, in a You Tube video the system made to overview safety procedures.

During a code yellow, or medical lockdown, students remain in the classroom and continue to learn, as they are preventative procedures.

When there is an actual crisis, a code red is put into place, which involves a full lockdown of all doors on campus and instructs students to take cover. This rarely happens.

A separate code red siren is sounded for tornadoes.

Schools and the district office are required to conduct drills on all three procedures throughout the year, according to Caracciolo.

Parents can always contact the school or district with any questions about safety procedures and if a situation occurs at a school.