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Speller from south Forsyth takes third at state bee

SOUTH FORSYTH — A Vickery Creek Middle School student won third place in the state-wide spelling bee.

Varun Kumar, an eighth-grader, was the highest-placing public school student in the state during the 54th Annual Georgia Association of Educators State Spelling Bee.

Kumar had previously won his school spelling bee, the Forsyth County bee and the District 2 competition, earning his position among 20 students from across Georgia to compete for the overall title.

These competitions were all qualifying rounds for the Scripps’ National Spelling Bee.

He got out in the eighth round of the event last month with the word “opificer.”

Monisha Mahadevan, a 14-year-old from Woodward Academy in Fulton County, took home the top prize after 23 rounds and 137 words, the winning one being “arboretum.”