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THE BUZZ: The bad side of social media for local students
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"Buzzmakers" from six local high schools share what's happening around their campus in this new print and video series. Pictured, back row from left: South Forsyth's Erin Loggins, North Forsyth's Alli Prater, West Forsyth's Dori Butler and Lambert's Kevin Lee. Pictured, front row from left: Pinecrest Academy's Caitlin Randazza, Forsyth Central's Erica Fried and Pinecrest Academy's Dani Quintana. - photo by Micah Green

Our weekly print and video series - presented by Lanier Technicial College – where local high school students share “The Buzz” about what’s going on at their school – and compete for the most “buzzworthy” moment of the week.

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Erica Fried, Forsyth Central

For those of you who are unfamiliar with "bash accounts,” they are Twitter accounts about high school students around the county posting things that are sent in to them by other students anonymously. Sometimes they are "harmless" jokes by friends, sometimes they are hurtful opinions by students, but regardless of which, they are acts of cyberbullying. When you read the tweets that are sent out you can never be sure whether or not it's true, and these tweets can be seen by anybody: faculty, co-workers, college admissions boards. Though the people who run these accounts are not the ones saying these tweets, they are facilitating a place for others to spread harmful rumors. Central senior Jennifer Redmond shared how posts about her have affected her life in this week’s episode.

Kevin Lee, Lambert

Last Friday night, an "I believe" chant wouldn’t be heard echoing around The Horn due to never obtaining the lead against Alpharetta at home. The Longhorns (1-2) were trying to bounce back after a disappointing loss to the best team in the region. The game was close throughout, but Alpharetta finally pulled away at the end to crush any hopes of the upset. However, Longhorn spirit is still not down because we've seen this storyline before. Starting out 1-4 last year, the Horns fought their way back to get a home playoff game after beating West Forsyth on the road to knock them out of second place in the region. I would keep an eye on our football team for the rest of the season because I think they could surprise the rest of our schedule that includes North Forsyth, West and then South Forsyth at home for Senior Night.

Alli Prater, North Forsyth

Simple Charity is a club new to North Forsyth this year, and its goal is to raise $100,000 in Jesus' name. Since the beginning of the year, they have held several fundraisers such as car washes and chili dinners in order to achieve their goal. Money raised in different parts of the year will go towards different causes, such as hunger, education, shelter and several others. Check out their website at to donate, follow them on twitter @NFSimpleCharity and like their Facebook page to help them reach their goal!

Caitlin Randazza and Dani Quintana, Pinecrest Academy

The Varsity Girls Volleyball teams' Senior Night was last week at Pinecrest Academy! The senior players: Keely Denkman (No. 14), Mary Chadwick (No. 10), Kristina Smoak (No. 2) and Maggie Herd (No. 18). Appreciation also goes out to the team’s two fabulous managers, seniors Wendy Oshinski and Gabi Elias. Our video this week features pictures from Senior Night, as well as the team's theme song "Now or Never" from the Disney movie "High School Musical 3"! Congratulations to our Paladin senior girls!

Erin Loggins, South Forsyth

This week at South we lost a member of our senior class. Michael Diem not only excelled in the classroom but also on the golf course. Diem was one of the nicest guys I had ever met. Friday at the Civil War game against North Forsyth, Diem was honored through the releasing of balloons and also the “Gator chomp” at kickoff (he loved the Florida Gators). The game ended 55-3, South on top of course. The score 55-3 did not just mean a win to the people who were closest to Diem. Diem's parking spot number was 553, and also his football number at South was 53. Coincidence? I don't think so. With the loss of another War Eagle, the South community is stronger than it has ever been. Let this be a lesson to always live life to the fullest as Diem did and cherish the ones around you. Finally, always stay SOUTH STRONG. Michael, we all love you and will never forget you. Fly high.

Dori Butler, West Forsyth

The latest buzz at West Forsyth is actually the latest fashion craze, and equally nontraditional is the demographic that it is affecting – guys. West boys are resurrecting the long-hair fad, and with it comes the rising trend of the headband. Guys of all grades and lifestyles are growing their hair out and pulling it back into a hair tie for both style and convenience. Their long locks are getting attention from other guys who follow their lead, from girls who are beginning to envy their long lock, and from this interim fashion journalist.