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Nathan Deal is best choice for Georgia
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Forsyth County News
This newspaper does not traditionally endorse political candidates, preferring instead to provide as much information as possible to inform the electorate then allowing the voters to decide how they will cast their ballots. But the stakes are so high in this year’s gubernatorial race that we feel compelled to ask voters to support Nathan Deal in the Republican runoff for governor.

The state’s next governor is going to face the daunting task of trying to lead the state through some of the most turbulent times in its storied history. The lingering economic crisis that has created a national sense of malaise threatens to crack the financial foundations of state government.

At the same time, state leadership will find itself forced to deal with problems passed along by the federal government in Washington, such as finding the resources to implement a federal health care program forged with little concern for financial realities; molding an educational system that can excel under the mandates of federal school programs; and dealing with issues the federal government and courts simply seem unable to resolve, such as illegal immigration and allocation of water resources.

Nathan Deal has been preparing for this opportunity to serve the state for much of his adult life. He has served with distinction in the state’s General Assembly and the U.S. Congress, and has the breadth of experience necessary to deal with the significant problems facing the state. His opponent, Karen Handel, simply does not.

In campaigning for governor, Deal has put forth issue-driven ideas that reflect his personal conservative political philosophy, which we feel reflects the opinion of a majority of Georgians. He has anchored much of his campaign on the need to create jobs, which has to be the first step toward any long-term economic recovery for the state. His has been a candidacy built on an unwavering commitment to certain core conservative beliefs about the role of government, as supported by his voting record as a member of Congress.

Handel, meanwhile, has shown herself to be a political opportunist, adept at shifting the sails of her philosophical ship to catch whatever popular winds might be prevalent, but at the core offering little of substance on which voters might make a decision.

It is ironic that she has based her campaign on not being one of the state’s “good ol’ boys,” when in fact much of her political success is attributable to the mentorship and support of Gov. Sonny Perdue, whose tenure as governor has not exactly been one of the great shining moments in Georgia’s political history.

Deal has the experience to walk into the governor’s office and to immediately begin tackling severe problems that are going to face the state for the next several years. He will bring a calm gravitas to the position that comes only from true leadership ability. There is no doubt that he is the most knowledgeable, capable and credible candidate.

Deal is no stranger to Forsyth County, having represented it as part of his congressional district.

To win, Deal needs the overwhelming support of the people in the district which he has served so capably in Washington.

We encourage you to get to the polls on Tuesday, and to cast your ballot for Nathan Deal as the Republican nominee for governor.