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Forsyth County GOP convention on Saturday

The Forsyth County Republican Party is inviting all area conservatives to a meeting this weekend.

On Saturday, the local GOP will host the Forsyth County Republican Convention at South Forsyth High School from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The meeting will be a chance for delegates to be selected to higher conventions.

“We will be electing officers for our county party and we will also be electing delegates to the district and state conventions,” said Carolyn Hall Fisher, chair of the local party.

Since Forsyth County is split into two districts, delegates will next go to different meetings on April 22 for district conventions. Those living in Congressional District 7 (south Forsyth) will meet at Lambert High School and those in the District 9 (north Forsyth) will go to the Dillard House in Rabun County.

At those meetings, delegates will be selected for the state convention on June 2-3 in Augusta.

“That is when the state party chairman will be voted upon and all down ballot,” Fisher said.

Fisher will be paying attention to those races, as she is seeking the office of first vice chair. Due to party rules, she cannot seek two offices at the same time and will not be running for re-election as chair of the Forsyth County GOP.

A former District 5 Commission candidate, Justin Hawkins, has announced he will run for local party chair and has been endorsed by Fisher.

The event will also include speeches by District 7 U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall, Forsyth County Commission Chairman Todd Levent and District 24 state Rep. Sheri Gilligan.