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GDOT to regrade land after Ga. 400 flooding
400 Flood
A tow truck driver hooks up to a car that stalled out after it ran into high water along Ga. 400 early Saturday morning. The high water forced drivers all the way to the far right shoulder. - photo by Jim Dean

Drivers taking Ga. 400 this week and over the weekend may have been caught in flood conditions, but officials with the Georgia Department of Transportation are taking steps to rectify the situation.

Katie Strickland, a spokeswoman with GDOT, said the flooding occurred between Exits 12 and 13 on Monday evening and between Exits 13 and 14 on Saturday. Strickland said both were the result of “rain overwhelming the drainage structures.”

She Saturday’s downpour of more than 3.5 inches in two hours required workers to rearranged silt fences to let the water “drain more quickly.”

Strickland said the silt fences are in place to prevent large amounts of sediment from draining, as the sediment could go to state waters.

“Once grass grows here, we can remove the silt fence and the water will drain quicker,” Strickland said in an email.

She said workers will regrade parts of the median to prevent flooding “as the forecast continues to be unpredictable these July days.”