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Girl Scouts to use Young Deer Park for camps next year
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A new agreement could mean more Girl Scouts enjoying a Forsyth County lake park.

At a meeting on Wednesday, the Forsyth County Parks and Recreation Board voted 4-0, with member Kimberly Brown absent, to move ahead with a new plan to use Young Deer Creek Park for four camps each summer for the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta.

Park project updates

  • Central Park: New shades for the spectator seats at the softball complex and new scoreboards at fields are currently being worked on, along with new scoreboards at ball fields. The shades are expected to be done by Sept. 25, and the new scoreboard by Sept. 15.  
  • Wildcat Creek Park: Forsyth County commissioners recently approved a plan for the proposed lake park off Crystal Cove Trail, and a plan has been sent to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for review.

“What we’re here to ask you to do is allow four day camps … two in June and two in July to operate in the park,” Director Gaetana De Angelo said.

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta serves about 42,000 girls ages 5-18. 

The camp will serve 100-200 campers and host 40-60 adult Girl Scouts each of the four weeks, and the majority of campers will be from Forsyth.

At the camp, scouts will learn aquatic recreation, leadership, songs, hiking, community service projects, leadership building and outdoor skills training including trail making, outdoor cooking skills and fire building, depending on county guidelines. 

Previously, the group had an agreement with the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, which represents the majority of the state, to use a now-closed park on the lake. 

“They owned a camp program called Camp Lanier,” De Angelo said. “They have decided to give that camp up this year … so we had four volunteer-run day camps that were displaced.”

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta used Young Deer Park for a camp one week this year and wanted to expand the use. Matt Pate, natural resources director for the parks department, was in favor.

“We didn’t have any issues, no complaints from the public,” he said.

Pate said there were also no complaints from park users or county staff.

The group will also need to work with the Army Corps of Engineers to clear any potential issues for using the lake park. 

Young Deer Park is located at 7300 Heard Road, Cumming.