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GOP opens headquarters downtown
'Staging ground' for local efforts
Brad Wilkins, left, talks with David True at a reception Monday for the opening of the Forsyth County Republican Party headquarters in downtown Cumming. - photo by Autumn Vetter

EDITORS NOTE:  This article was written in 2012, about their headquarters at 316 W Main Street.  They have since relocated, and the article has been updated to show the current address. 

The Forsyth County Republican Party headquarters is at 540 Lake Center Parkway. Saturday. Contact: 678-593-3277.  (This is the correct phone/address as of August 2020)

Members of the Forsyth County Republican Party gathered Monday night to open a new campaign headquarters.

Located, near downtown Cumming, the headquarters will be in operation through the General Election on Nov. 6.

Ethan Underwood, chairman of the local GOP, said it will serve a number of purposes.

“This is going to be a true campaign headquarters,” he said. “It’s going to be a staging ground, one, for folks to get yard signs, bumper stickers, T-shirts, all those kinds of things.

“It’ll also be where our volunteers will be meeting and we’ll start getting all our assignments here. We’ll be doing phone banking here, so it’s going to be busy with folks coming in to do all the fun things you do during a political campaign.”

Peggy Green, volunteer coordinator for the party, said the headquarters was getting attention on its first day.

“We just opened today and we’ve had a steady stream of people in here very excited about this campaign and ready to put signs out,” she said. “People want to sign up [to volunteer], get a sign, get a bumper sticker, so they’re ready to work hard.”

The headquarters will serve as a staging ground for the Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan presidential campaign, but also for all state and local races.

Underwood said Forsyth needed the headquarters.

“We’re trying to reach almost 90,000 voters here … also Georgia is not where the [Republican National Committee] is putting a lot of money in, so it’s vital that we get as many voters as we can,” he said.

While Forsyth County has some of the largest Republican voter turnout figures in the nation, Underwood said he and other local party officials “don’t take that for granted.”

“It’s our job to make sure in Forsyth County that we’re offsetting the democratic votes coming out of Fulton and DeKalb counties,” he said.

Green said while the local party wishes it could afford to maintain a headquarters year round, opening one this month was significant.

“We did it for this general election because we feel like this is the most important [presidential] election in our lifetime,” she said.