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Group honors three lawmakers
Murphy WEB

Three members of Forsyth County’s state legislative delegation were recently honored by the American Conservative Union.

State Sen. Jack Murphy and State Reps. Mark Hamilton and Mike Dudgeon each received the union’s Defender of Liberty Award for their support of 2012 bills based on conservative principles.

The lawmakers, all Republicans, received a perfect score of 100 percent and were recognized during a ceremony at the Georgia State Capitol. This is the first year the Georgia General Assembly was rated by the union.

“It is an honor to earn the ‘Defender of Liberty’ recognition with a perfect 100 percent voting record,” said Hamilton, who represents District 23. “Their voting record review includes only votes on legislation that reveal America’s core principles and steadfast commitment to our U.S. Constitution.”

In 2011, the American Conservative Union issued inaugural ratings of state legislators in five states, based on the organization’s previous Ratings of Congress.

This year, it is releasing ratings based on the votes on conservative issues by state legislators in 15 states.

The organization tracks a wide range of issues before state legislatures to determine which issues and votes serve as a clear litmus test for conservative issues.

“The platform by which the ACU stands is one of respect and valor among legislators, therefore it is a true honor to be recognized by such an established organization,” said Murphy, who represents District 27.

Founded in 1964, the union represents the views of Americans who are concerned with economic growth through lower taxes and reduced government spending and the issues of liberty, personal responsibility, traditional values and national security.

To Dudgeon, “It was great to receive the award not just because it shows I have a solid conservative voting record, but also because the scorecard items were not known ahead of time.”

The legislator from District 24 added that he was “was not trying one way or the other to ‘look good’ for a rating, so it is an accurate reflection of my principles.”