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Just a fair-ly short wait
Annual festival to return in October
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Cumming Country Fair and Festival Brochure, page 1. Click view larger and save to your computer to print

The recent arrival of more than 30,000 Cumming Country Fair & Festival brochures signaled the coming of a tradition as sure as changing leaves.

Only a little more than six weeks away, the 14th annual fair is set to run Oct. 2-12.

Fairgrounds Administrator Dave Horton said organizers like to add attractions every year. The 2008 fair will feature new ground acts and concert performers.

The performances and concerts will join the usual lineup of midway rides, food and the Heritage Village living history exhibits.

"We've got a high dive show," Horton said. "It's an 80-foot tower and they'll be diving into... a pool at the bottom, or what would look like a little bathtub from an 80-foot tower."

Horton described the act as a pirate show. Sinbad the Pirate searches everywhere for a golden pineapple treasure and after searching his way up the tower, the dive becomes the grand finale to obtain the treasure.

The show will run about three times a day, but once it's dark outside, a new feature is added.

"He gets up there on top of the tower and lights himself on fire," Horton said. "So you've got this big ball of flames going down into the water."

The other new show this year is the Kachunga & Alligator Show, designed as both an entertaining and educational performance, Horton said.

Kachunga, a bushman, apprehends the alligator with his bare hands and places it on deck for an anatomy lesson.

"He actually gets in and has a big alligator in there with him," Horton said.

The two new acts will join crowd favorites like the Keith King BMX Bike Stunt Show, Oscar the Robot, Robinson's Pig Paddling Porkers, the Frisco Brothers Petting Zoo and Brian Ruth, "Master of the Chainsaw."

Eight concerts are planned for this year's festival. Among this year's performers are Aaron Tippin, Chase Mitchell, Chris Cagle, Need to Breathe, Ronnie Milsap, Daryle Singletary, John Anderson and the Estes Brothers.

"I think all of them bring something pretty unique to the table," Horton said.

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