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Board considers private offer for animal shelter
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Forsyth County News

It appears officials are giving serious thought to a local business’ proposal to build and run animal control facilities for Forsyth County.

During a recent meeting, the county commission heard from Just Pets Veterinary Hospital owner Damian Kline, who said he wants to “solve the county’s issues.”

Those issues involve an agreement with corporation NALAA, which told the commission in the spring that it planned to terminate its contract.

The termination was within the boundaries of the agreement.

Since then, the corporation has signed another agreement with the county, which extends through 2009 NALAA’s operations of its facility on Old Atlanta Road. (click for map)

Kline told commissioners Aug. 13 that his company’s proposal “will not put you in the same situation you’re in right now.”

The commission took no action last week, but scheduled a public hearing on the matter for 5 p.m. Sept. 3 at the administration building.

Kline wants to put the facility across the street from the business’ location on Hwy. 141, near Fagan’s Biscuit Barn and the Commonwealth subdivision in south Forsyth.

His plan is to buy a 15,800-square-foot “empty shell” facility on property owned by Patriot Bank. The cost of turning it into an animal control facility he said he would “absorb to get this deal through.”

Kline said he would charge $548,000 yearly to staff and manage it. The county currently pays $35,000 per month and will have to pay $40,000 per month to NALAA to continue its service into 2010.

In past meetings, county purchasing director Donna Kukarola told the commission that building its own facility could cost the county $1.9 million, along with equipment costs of $493,000 and $319,000 per year to staff it.

Commissioners have discussed other options, including renting the building from NALAA.