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Ethics complaint filed against commission hopeful
Mills says omission 'an honest oversight'
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Forsyth County News

A candidate’s personal financial disclosure report was corrected the same day an ethics complaint over the issue was sent to the state.

District 4 county commission candidate Cindy J. Mills said the omission was “just an honest oversight.”

The complaint, filed by Cumming resident Julie Nurnberg, said Mills committed two violations by not disclosing her role as founder or fiduciary position as an officer of the Forsyth County Parks Foundation.

Mills, along with other county residents, created the organization as a fundraising tool for various parks projects. The foundation was created as a nonprofit organization in September 2010, according to the Secretary of State Web site, which also lists Mills as the chief financial officer.

Mills said she was not aware the organization had been incorporated and did not include it on her financial disclosure report.

Mills said the omission was brought to her and she “immediately reached out to our foundation president, Jeff Stephens, to inquire about the status of our incorporation,” she said. “He responded that we had in fact incorporated.”

Nurnberg declined to comment on why she filed the complaint, but Mills said the tactic was “clearly another example of ‘gotcha politics as usual’ and appears to have been filed by someone who is a supporter of another opponent of mine.”

Holly LaBerge, spokeswoman for the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, said the complaint will not be pursued until after the July 31 election.

“If it was filed within 30 days of an election, we can’t do anything with it until the election is over by law,” LaBerge said.