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Graffiti-lined wall will get a facelift
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Graffiti was spray -painted on the wall by the tennis courts of the City Park in Cumming. - photo by Emily Saunders

A stretch of wall along the front side of City Park has been vandalized.

Matthew Pirkle, maintenance assistant at the park on Pilgrim Mill Road in Cumming, reported the graffiti incident after arriving at work Jan. 28.

“It must have happened last Tuesday night ... somewhere between 4:30 Tuesday afternoon and 7:30 Wednesday morning,” he said.

The graffiti, which Pirkle estimates extended about 40 to 50 feet along the wall, contained mostly unidentifiable markings, except for two words in support of President Barack Obama.

“Most of it is illegible,” Pirkle said. "I don’t really know what it says."

Regardless of the graffiti's message, for Pirkle it’s about cleaning up the wall.

“I don’t know if we’ll clean it off, or if we’re going to have to paint over it,” he said.

Either way, the wall likely will be restored within a week. Pirkle said it’s relatively cheap just to paint over the markings.

Police Officer Jeffrey Moore, who handled the incident, said the report was forwarded to Sgt. Scott Burgess, an investigator with the department.

Burgess, who also is serving as the interim chief of police since Mike Eason's resignation, could not be reached for comment.