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Tax assessment notices delayed till next month
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Forsyth County property owners can learn more about tax assessment notices during an informational meeting March 31. Set for 6 p.m., the session will be held in Suite 220 of the County Administration Building, 110 E. Main St.

Forsyth County's tax assessment notices will arrive about a month later than expected this spring.

Tax Assessor Mary Kirkpatrick said the process -- which has expanded to meet “a requirement for new, statewide notices to be generated for the county” -- has been delayed.

“It was quite a feat to get this done and go back and forth with state approval ... and it had not gotten finished as quickly as I had hoped,” she said.

The notices were scheduled to be sent out March 18.

Instead, the county's board of assessors will not approve the final tax assessments until March 24.

Following the approval, the notices will be printed and mailed April 15.

In years past, only new homeowners or those whose property had been reassessed received a notice.

However, a new state law required all homeowners to receive an assessment for their home, including an estimate of taxes based on the previous year's millage rate.

In Forsyth, that means more than 77,000 notices will be sent, compared to the usual 13,000.

The increase also likely will lead to an influx of homeowners asking to have their property reassessed, a number which has been on the rise since property values began to decline.

Once the letters are received, homeowners have 45 days to request a reassessment.

Kirkpatrick said she fears the notices may lead to confusion.

“I’m afraid people will get this and see it as a bill and send in a check,” she said. “But your tax bill will come later in the year.”

Tax bills will be sent out in August or September. Property owners have 60 days to pay.