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Mail carrier’s action ‘saves life’ of west Forsyth man
mail carrier
The family of a west Forsyth man said mail carrier Amanda Nalley recently saved his life when she requested local authorities to check on him. - photo by Kelly Whitmire

The daughter of a west Forsyth man said her elderly father could have died if not for the thoughtfulness of a local mail carrier.

Amanda Nalley said she has been Rodney Garner’s mail carrier for 13 years and noticed something was wrong as she made her route on Tuesday.

“I had realized that he had not been picking up his mail,” Nalley said. “For Mr. Garner, that’s just not [normal] because he is always getting his mail.”

After checking with a neighbor, Thomas Cowart, Nalley contacted Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office asking deputies to check on Garner.

“About 20 minutes later, the police found Mr. Garner in his bedroom on the ground,” she said. “Whenever the paramedics got there and put him on the stretcher and were examining him, his eyes were barely open, so they said within an hour or two later, he could have passed away.”

Cowart agreed that Nalley likely helped prevent a dire situation.

“Without Amanda’s input into that, I don’t know if he would have survived another day,” Cowart said, later adding:  “Without her inquisitiveness, we would have probably lost him, so I think it’s commendable for her.”

He isn’t the only one who praised Nalley for her action.

“She was just amazing in what she did,” said Carol Harris, Garner’s daughter.

Harris said her father is now awake and alert at Northside Hospital Forsyth and said she was thankful for hospital staff, the sheriff’s office, Cowart and other neighbors and Nalley.

“I just would like her to understand how much we appreciate that because no one deserves to have to lay on the floor like that,” she said. “It would have been a very difficult situation if she had not intervened.”

Harris said she was able to speak with Nalley on Wednesday and told her she saved Garner’s life. 

“She did not have to stop on her day. She was busy. She had a lot to do. She didn’t have to make that extra effort to stop, but she takes the time to know these elderly people and she knew something was wrong and she acted on it. What an amazing angel she is.”

Nalley said she loves her job and was fortunate that day that she was conscious of the warning signs.

“I was just thankful I pay attention to my route,” she said. “I love my route, I love being a mail carrier and I love my customers, so me giving customer service to my customers and anything I can do to help, I love it.”