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Missing 7-year-old located at The Collection at Forsyth
Found after 3 hour search in family van
avenue deputies
Deputies began their search at the AMC Theater - photo by Josh Sutton

FORSYTH COUNTY - A 3-hour-search of the Collection at Forsyth by Forsyth County deputies looking for a missing 7-year-old has ended. 

Deputies had spent hours searching every car leaving the shopping center and going store-to-store searching for 7-year-old Dhrud Dhylipudi, who went missing during an outing with his family at the AMC Theater in the Collection.  

Deputy Doug Rainwater said that deputies first searched the theater.  After the boy was not located, additional deputies were called in, and they began searching the rest of the center.  "We searched pretty much every spot where he could be," said Rainwater. 

After nearly three hours of searching, Rainwater said the boy was found asleep in the back of the family van. 

Officials say they are currently interviewing the family to try and determine exactly how he made it from the theater to the van without anyone knowing.