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Murphy holds off on strip club bill
Measure would have aided rehab facilities
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Forsyth County News
Jack Murphy’s not giving up on his mission to hit strip club patrons with a $5 surcharge.

The District 27 state senator said his Senate Bill 91 would have raised revenue for rehabilitation and treatment facilities for underage victims of sexual exploitation.

The measure didn’t make it to the floor by Thursday, the midpoint of the legislative session, meaning it’s too late for the bill to be introduced.

In a last-ditch effort, however, Murphy tried to attach it as an amendment to another Senate Bill on Thursday before later withdrawing it.

“The amendment definitely made a statement to everybody saying that I was serious about wanting this and that we’re not going to give up on this,” said Murphy, a Republican from Cumming.

While it’s too late to introduce a new bill this session, it’s not too late to amend a bill that’s passed either the House or Senate.

“This session’s not over yet, so I might be able to yet go over to the House to get them to do something on their end,” he said.

“That’s just a possibility ... but I’m going to work on that. I’m not giving up.”

There are about 115 strip clubs in the state, said Murphy, adding the surcharge could generate nearly $15.5 million per year.

He said these funds would be used for treatment facilities, providing a place for victims to learn self-respect.

“Now that’s a lot of revenue to go out there and help these kids get off the streets,” he said. “We have a huge crowd that’s in support of this bill.

“There’s really nobody that thinks it’s a bad bill, it’s just that they have tried to equate it as being a new tax that’s going to fill the budget shortfall.”

On the contrary, Murphy said, none of the surcharge money would go toward the budget. Some could go to existing facilities to work with victims of sexual exploitation. The rest would go toward setting up new resources.

If Murphy can’t get the surcharge added to a bill this session, he’s going to try again next time, he said.

“If we can get this bill to the floor, I can’t imagine too many people voting against it,” he said. “Are you voting to help the strip clubs and against helping our children?”

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