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New lighting set for tennis courts at Central Park

FORSYTH COUNTY — The tennis courts at Central Park will get a makeover, which includes new lighting, this spring.

The Forsyth County commission approved the plan in a 5-0 vote at its work session Tuesday.

“When the park was originally built, the old box lighting was put in place, and it is what it is,” said Jim Pryor, the county’s parks and recreation director. “It’s definitely not the new and advanced lighting that we have at some of our [other] parks.”

Commissioners voted to award a sole-source bid to Musco Lighting, which handled the tennis courts at Fowler Park.

“They are very expensive,” said Donna Kukarola, the county’s procurement director. “They have a very high warranty period, though. They come out and change any bulbs and any repair work so that parks and rec doesn’t have to put it in their budget.”

According to Pryor, the estimated cost is between $120,000 and $150,000, depending on whether the new lights can use the same poles and wiring as the existing ones.

He added that changing the lights was originally going to be part of the department’s 2017 budget.

And lights aren’t the only improvement coming to the courts, which are showing their age.

“We do have some cracks in the courts,” Pryor said. “The bids have been accepted and we plan on starting work in May as far as doing a silicon repair of those cracks and a complete acrylic overlay.”

Work on the courts is expected to be completed by May, while officials hope to have the lights installed around that same time.