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Old Sharon schoolhouse burns down
Official: Cause was ‘human in nature’

Forsyth County Fire officials are looking for any information on who or what may have caused the old Sharon schoolhouse to burn down early Friday morning. 

According to Division Chief Jason Shivers, spokesman for the fire department, engines arrived at 3594 Old Atlanta Road around 3:30 a.m. and found the long-abandoned brick building engulfed in flames.

Shivers said the building had no electricity, and no lightning activity was reported in the area so they were sure it was a “set fire.”

“It’s currently under investigation, but we are confident that the origin was human in nature,” Shivers said. 

He said that they are still investigating the fire, but some areas of the 5000-square-foot building remain too dangerous to search. 

As of press time, no injuries, deaths or witnesses of the fire have been found.

Shivers said that anyone with information on the building fire should contact Lt. Jeff Hundley at (770) 781-2180, Ext. 4061.