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Obama camp in Forsyth celebrates
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Forsyth County News
Confetti and fireworks marked the celebration of Barack Obama’s acceptance as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, but the party wasn’t limited to Denver.

Across the country, the Obama campaign organized watch parties for the history-making event.

Among those was a gathering in the Peachtree Corners neighborhood in Cumming, where more than 50 local Democrats watched their leader deliver his party acceptance speech.

“Everyone always says the same comment that they thought they were the only Democrat in Forsyth County. So it’s always a surprise when people come out and see a big crowd like that,” said Marie Anderson, chairman of the Forsyth County Democratic Party.

“There were also a lot of new faces out there and it’s always nice to see new faces.”

Obama’s speech went over well at the party, said Anderson, who added she was impressed with his positive message.

Wilma Turner, party vice chair, said she was thrilled with attendance at the local event, which was organized by the Forsyth Obama Campaign for Change and the Forsyth County Democratic Party.

“I can’t tell you how encouraging it was,” Turner said. “It really was a wonderful experience.

“They were all new. I only knew about 10 or 12 of the people that were there ... it was a very heartening experience to see how many Democrats there are in Forsyth County.”