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Pac-Man fever comes to Forsyth County
Google Maps adds iconic video game
pac-man in Cumming
Google has turned the streets of Cumming into a Pac-Man maze.

If you grew up in the 80's, the gobbling yellow Pac-Man orb is probably no stranger to you.  You might even still be playing on your phone or tablet.  

Chances are you've never played Pac-Man on a map of your hometown though.  Now, thanks to Google, you can gobble up pac-dots and cherries while chasing ghosts through the streets of Cumming. 

Google has added a button on Google Maps that turns the displayed street map into a Pac-Man maze.  

You can turn the streets of downtown Cumming into your own Pac-Man maze by clicking HERE. Just click the Pac-Man button on the lower left side of the screen and you'll be ready to play.  

If you'd rather play somewhere else, you can just open a Google map to the location you want to play and click the Pac-Man button. If the area you've selected doesn't have enough streets, Google will send you to a random location to play.