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Parks board sacks plan for travel football
Director: There's just not enough space
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The travel football policy in Forsyth County didn't go very far.

The parks and recreation board on Thursday rescinded a Feb. 8 vote to approve a policy allowing travel football teams to work with the department.

The board then approved a staff recommendation to not allow travel football teams at this time.

Both votes were 4-0, with newly appointed member Todd Holbrook abstaining.

The initial policy would have allowed travel teams to fall under the wings of the county parks department if they could follow certain guidelines and if field space were available.

At this time, the space isn't there to accommodate the number of teams the policy would have allowed, said Jerry Kinsey, the county's director of parks and recreation.

For that reason, Kinsey said the policy "may have been misleading."

"Why have something then? I'd rather be point blank with everybody and say no travel or travel," he said.

The three board members who previously voted to approve the policy said they were under the impression county staff had recommended it.

Kinsey said that was a "miscommunication," as staff had only prepared it for the board to consider.

Board member Cindy Mills said that news changed her position, adding that none of the months of discussion with volunteers and hours of work by staff were taken lightly.

"I don't want anybody to assume that we jumped the gun and went into approving this without thought," Mills said.

The county currently works with the Forsyth County Youth Football Association, which has about 2,800 children participating in football and cheerleading.

Volunteers with those organizations have said field space is tight as it stands.

Charlotte Gardner, who chairs the board, said travel football just doesn't currently have a place within the county parks department.

"In reality there are no fields," she said. "I'm sorry it got to this."