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Pet or threat? Pit bull attack on child fans debate over breed
Experts say training, spay/neuter are key factors in dogs' behavior
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Hercules, a pit bull-mix, plays Merilyn Ranck, a volunteer dog walker, on Thursday at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia. Although there is a negative stigma surrounding dogs considered pit bulls, Julie Edwards, executive director at the Humane Society, says a dogs behavior is more related to how the animal is trained and whether or not the pet is spayed or neutered than the breed itself. - photo by Erin O. Smith FCN regional staff
HALL COUNTY - Ruben makes the staff at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia chuckle when he sprawls on the floor to play with a toy and spreads his hind legs like a frog. The playful posture is characteristic of dogs commonly lumped into the pit bull family. A frisky and energetic 3-year-old, Ruben is a “bully breed” mix who has been at the Humane Society since November.