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Residents map future of county
Plans may still be viewed online
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Kirk Wintersteen wants his fellow Forsyth County residents to share their opinions and get involved in what’s going on in the community.

“Everybody isn’t going to be happy, but hopefully we can come to compromises that are beneficial to the county,” he said.

Wintersteen was among the 54 people who took part in a workshop Monday about the county's future development map.

The map, which reflects preferred future land use, is part of the county’s comprehensive plan update.

The updated plan will serve as a policy guide for decisions related to growth and land use for the years 2012-32.

Monday's workshop at Coal Mountain Elementary School was one of seven community participation meetings that provide information and gather public feedback for the update.

Those attending the workshop were asked to vote for their favorite of the four draft maps on display and add comments.

For those unable to attend, the information and voting capabilities are available on the county’s Web site through March 24.

The options for a map draw on the county's character area map, which describes different geographically unique areas.

Diane Carney wore a sticker with a “no” symbol over the words “estate residential,” a more low-density setting.

She also wore one reading “suburban living on Howard Road,” which was identical to neighbor Linda Stewart’s.

The group of Howard Road residents is seeking a medium density residential designation for their west Forsyth community.

“We have the infrastructure in place and feel it would be an appropriate designation,” Stewart said.

The map should reflect landowners’ vision for the county, she said, adding that the picture may not always be clear.

“For some people, their vision is different than someone who lives side by side,” she said.

Erica Madsen said she attended the workshop because of a professional interest in engineering and personal interest in her home community.

Madsen said she thinks the county has a need for more high density residential options.

The public will continue to have opportunities to comment throughout the update of the county’s comprehensive plan, said Vanessa Bernstein, senior long-range planner.

The state-required update of the plan must be adopted by June 30, 2012.