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Jones has ‘absolute passion’ for District 25 seat
District 25 state Rep. Todd Jones
District 25 state Rep. Todd Jones

District 25 state Rep. Todd Jones is running for re-election and wants to bring issues that impact locals to the Gold Dome. 

Jones, who was first elected in 2016, is running against challenger Steven Grambergs for the Republican nomination for the District 25 primary. The winner of the Republican primary will run against Democrat Anita Tucker in November.

Jones, a technology executive, said he has been out meeting with potential voters ahead of the primary.

“The campaign has been going well,” Jones said. “I’ve been able to meet with constituents both in meet-and-greet town hall type fashion and also one-on-one and across the board being able to lay out what have been the accomplishments in ’17 and ’18 — in the legislative sessions respectively — and then also speaking with them about some of the key initiatives moving forward.”

Jones said if re-elected he would rather focus on “a few matters as opposed to spreading myself thin” and plans to support issues impacting the local community.

“I’ve been looking at things like economic development and economic development as it relates to 3D printing, as it relates to automatic intelligence and autonomous vehicles, speaking about how we can bolster K-12 education funding in fast-growing counties, which of course Forsyth County slips easily into that classification, speaking about how it is that we can address school safety and just so many others that are on my district’s mind,” Jones said.

He said healthcare will also be a priority.

Jones said one reason he decided to run for re-election was his “absolute passion for the job.”

“I’m one of those guys that wakes up in the morning and is raring to go trying to figure out what it is we can do to help District 25 and to ultimately help the state,” Jones said. “I love the job. I love being able to meet the constituents. I love being able to talk about policy … If I could outsource the politics, I would, but unfortunately, that is part of the game. But, I do enjoy it.”

In his term, Jones has supported legislation calling for the cityhood process for the proposed city of Sharon Springs, an autonomous vehicles bill, a school choice bill and the Georgia Scholarship fund.

Jones is married to wife Tracey and is a father of four children ages 14-21.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a specialty in finance and Juris Doctor from the University of Florida

He has served on the executive boards of Shiloh Point Elementary School and Piney Grove Middle School PTAs, the board of directors for South Forsyth High School’s Touchdown Club and cofounded Shiloh Point’s Dad’s Club in 2009. 

More information about his campaign is available at