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Top deputy for north recognized
Forsyth County Sheriff Ted Paxton, right, presented Ryan Yeaton with the 2010 North Precinct Deputy of the Year Award on Monday night. Yeaton was honored for pulling a man from a burning vehicle last summer.


Last summer, Forsyth County Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Yeaton rescued a man from a burning, overturned vehicle on the side of Spot Road.

Throughout the ordeal, Yeaton remained calm, calling for backup, assisting the driver, and later making sure the man, who suffered a head injury, stayed awake.

Yeaton's efforts were hailed Monday night as he was named the agency's north precinct Deputy of the Year Award for 2010.

"Thank God you were there that night," Sheriff Ted Paxton told Yeaton during the ceremony. "You did an outstanding job. Thank you so much."

The honor is given annually to a sheriff's deputy from the north and south precincts.

Recipients are chosen from each precinct's deputy of the month honorees from the past year.

The south precinct award will be presented later.

Yeaton's efforts on that June night also garnered him an award from the local Veterans of Foreign Wars post, which named him Law Enforcement Officer of the Year during a ceremony in February.

In September, he was also among three deputies to receive the medal of valor from the sheriff's office.

Yeaton, 26, who has worked as a deputy for five years, said Monday night it "felt good" to be recognized.

"It's always good to get acknowledged for the job we do," he said.

Paxton praised Yeaton, but said his efforts were what any of the agency's deputies would have done if placed in a similar situation.

"Everyone one of you are deputies of the year," Paxton said. "You really are. What Deputy Yeaton did in this situation is what any of you would do.

"Just like they always say, when other people are running away from the fires and the storms and other bad situations, you're the ones running into them."