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Supporting The Place of Forsyth is an investment into community
The Place of Forsyth

This article appears in the December issue of  400 Life Magazine

The Place of Forsyth was established in 1975 as the first nonprofit organization in Forsyth County. Over the past 45 years they have been committed to serving the community by providing resources to help residents overcome barriers and obstacles in their life and become self-sustaining.

Some of the many ways they do this is by providing assistance for the immediate needs of those who come to them seeking financial help, food, clothes, furniture or providing resources for finding employment and budgeting. 

As of Oct. 31, The Place has distributed over $235,000 worth of financial assistance for rent, utilities and transportation needs. They have also purchased $197,000 worth of food from food banks and wholesalers during the pandemic to provide meals for families or individuals.

Over the years, the impact The Place has had on the community is a direct reflection of their mission and vision to serve the people of Forsyth County where they’re at “as a nonprofit, we are committed to being community focused and collaborating,” said Jacob Granados, director of Purposeful Engagement. When the pandemic hit earlier this year, The Place provided food for families while also collaborating with local restaurants to support them as well.

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The place of forsyth

“During COVID, one of the things we were most proud of is that we decided we were spending all this money on purchasing food from wholesalers, why not turn it around and invest it in our community so, we asked restaurants to make meals that would feed a family of four and we would purchase them straight from them,” said Granados. 

“Not only were we providing food for families, but we were also supporting local business during a really rough time in the pandemic.”

In a year that has emphasized the importance of helping others through difficult times, it also serves as a reminder to support the local nonprofits in our community who provide much needed relief and assistance to so many of our neighbors. Without The Place, local families and individuals would be without many of the necessary resources we tend to take for granted. 

Donations provide The Place with the financial support they need to continue to serve Forsyth County throughout the year. 

The donations given through their year-end giving campaign “Why The Place?” will help keep the pantry open, serve families with the food they need, provide mental health counseling for clients who need extra support dealing with mental illness, fund youth internship programs, aid seniors and contribute to The Place Cottage, a home for girls aging out of foster care, and so much more.

“We believe that when people give to us, when they invest in our programs and services, we’re able to make lasting impact and create life change for those who rely on our services,” said Granados.

By donating to The Place this year, you are investing in your community and supporting your neighbors. Your generosity and donations this season will impact families, neighbors and your local community. 

Maybe the question for you at the end of this year is, “Why not give to The Place?”

If you would like to donate to the nonprofit’s year-end campaign, The Place will accept cash, check (made out to The Place of Forsyth P.O. Box 2607), as well as donations from investment accounts. As a bonus, on Dec. 30 and 31, a donor has committed $25,000 to match all of the donations given on these two days. 

If you have any questions about donating, contact Jacob Granados at or visit the website, for giving instructions.

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The place of forsyth