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Lake Lanier: A gem in Forsyth County

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The titles and rankings seem to come in droves each year.

From health and wealth to education and youth, most Forsyth residents know the county is at the forefront of north Georgia and the state in various factors that help shape quality of life.

These factors — which residents embrace and have come to expect — carry their share of numbers. Indeed, politicians and others are fond of touting such statistics.

With that in mind, the staff of the Forsyth County News contacted government and school officials, business owners and public safety personnel to compile some interesting and easy-to-read figures from the past year.

Lake Lanier by the numbers

692 — miles of shoreline

192 feet — height of Buford Dam

160 feet — depth of Lanier at its deepest point when lake is at full pool

1,077.2 feet above sea level — highest level the lake has reached, which was in April 1964

1,050.79 feet above sea level — historic low level of lake, reached on Dec. 26, 2007

69 — years since Congress authorized the construction of Buford Dam and Lake Lanier

700 — number of families whose land became Lake Lanier

10,300 — estimated number of docks on Lake Lanier