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3 suspects arrested after attempting to steal an ATM from Buford Highway bank
Forsyth County deputies arrested three individuals from Houston, Texas on Thursday, July 23, after they attempted to steal an ATM from a Chase Bank on Buford Highway.

According to a statement that the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office shared on Facebook, deputies found the three suspects still attempting to pull the ATM out of the ground with a pickup truck when they arrived on scene. The suspects used a heavy chain wrapped around the ATM and attached to the pickup truck to try to rip the ATM from its concrete base.  

When the suspects noticed the officers, they ran off on foot. 

One officer, along with K9 Ivo, began to search the area before finding and arresting two of the suspects. The other suspect was found and arrested later on during a traffic stop on a “suspicious vehicle.” 

Deputies also found that the pickup truck that the suspects used to attempt to remove the ATM was stolen out of Chamblee, FCSO spokeswoman Stacie Miller said. 

Samuel Brown, 26, Bernard Lewis, 27, and Katreyvion Smith, 19, were all arrested and charged with theft by taking, theft by receiving stolen vehicle and criminal damage to property. They are currently being held without bond. 

Officers arrested another two individuals, also from Houston, Texas, a couple of days later after investigating their vehicle during a traffic stop. 

Ricky Bridgewater, 31, and Lorenzo Moore, 48, were stopped because they failed to maintain their lane on the road, according to the statement. The possible smell of marijuana led the officer to search the car where they found tools that could be “used for burglary,” including heavy chains similar to those used by the suspects who attempted to steal the ATM on Buford Highway. 

The officer also found Texas license plates inside of the car along with directions to other local banks. 

Bridgewater and Moore were both arrested and charged with loitering and prowling and possession of tools for the commission of a crime.