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See who won Forsyth County’s storm drain art contest
Winners to have artwork displayed on storm drains throughout county
Storm Drain

Keep Forsyth County Beautiful and the Forsyth County Department of Water and Sewer have announced three high school students as the winners of the 2021 Storm Drain Art Contest.

The contest winners are:

- Zoe March, South Forsyth High School - “Push Against Litter;”

- Vivian Chen, Lambert High School - “River Fish and Rain Fish;”

- Katrina Walden, Forsyth Central High School - “Salamander Balance.”

Push Against Litter
Zoe March (South Forsyth High School) - “Push Against Litter”

The contest called for current Forsyth County high school students to submit original artwork that educates about water quality and clearly enhances the theme: Only Rain Goes Down the Drain. The three contest winners will receive $100 in compensation for their work, certificates of recognition and will be painting their creations on designated storm drains throughout the city and county next spring.

“As water flows over land, streets and parking lots after a rain event, numerous contaminants including trash, chemicals, pet waste, motor oil, yard clippings, sediment, and fertilizers are collected along the way ending up in our water systems,” said Tammy Wright, Forsyth County manager of environmental programs. “Our hope is that this contest was able to help educate our residents about watershed health and the importance of keeping our waterways clean.”

River Fish and Rain Fish
Vivian Chen (Lambert High School) - “River Fish and Rain Fish”
Salamander Balance
Katrina Walden (Forsyth Central High School) - “Salamander Balance”