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Live Forsyth County election results for Nov. 8 General Election and Special Election
Election 2022 Nov. 8

Forsyth County made their voices heard on Election Day and in the weeks before for the Nov. 8 General Election and Special Election. 

With all precincts counted, more than 102,000 of the county's 162,143 active voters, about 63%, cast advance, mail-in and Election Day in-person votes for the election. 

All Forsyth precincts had been reported as of 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 9. 

Here's how Forsyth voted 

Who’s running?

Voters cast ballots during the race for federal, state and local candidates.

Along with statewide races – including the gubernatorial race between Republican incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp and Democratic challenger Stacie Abrams and the Senate race between Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker – numerous local races were also decided.

Local voters will be in a new Congressional District following recent redistricting, but their state legislative, county and board of education districts may have also changed.

United States House District 6, representing all of Forsyth and Dawson counties and portions of Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton and Gwinnett counties. Forsyth County moved to the 6th District from the 7th and 9th Districts after recent redistricting.

  • Rich McCormick, Republican: District- 206,178, 62.3%; Forsyth County- 72,409, 71.3%
  • Bob Christian, District- 125,369, 37.8%; Forsyth County- 29,214, 28.8%

State Senate District 27, representing the majority of Forsyth County and no other counties.

  • Greg Dolezal (incumbent), Republican: Forsyth County- 58,041, 73.9%
  • Brent Binion, Democratic, Forsyth County- 20,525, 26.1%

State Senate District 48, representing a portion of south Forsyth County and portions of Fulton and Gwinnett counties. This is the first election for the seat in Forsyth following redistricting.

  • Shawn Still, Republican: District- 41,434, 56.7%; Forsyth County- 14,620, 64.5%
  • Josh Uddin, Democratic: District- 31,591, 43.3%; Forsyth County- 8,059, 35.5%

State House District 11, representing northwest Forsyth County, Pickens County and a portion of Cherokee County. This is the first election for the seat in Forsyth following redistricting.

  • Rick Jasperse (incumbent), Republican: District- 22,784, 84.1%; Forsyth County- 7,153, 79.8%
  • Kayla Hollifield, Democratic: District- 4,322, 15.9%; Forsyth County- 1,816, 20.3%

State House District 24, representing a portion of western Forsyth County. This district will not represent any other county.

  • Carter Barrett, Republican: Forsyth County- 15,575, 67.2%
  • Sydney Walker, Democratic: Forsyth County- 7,596, 32.8%

State House District 25, representing portions of south Forsyth and Fulton counties.

  • Todd Jones (incumbent), Republican: District- 14,869, 62.7%; Forsyth County- 11,946, 65.8%
  • Craig Meyer, Democratic: District- 8,850, 37.3%; Forsyth County- 6,219, 34.2%

State House District 26, representing eastern Forsyth County.

  • Lauren W. McDonald III (incumbent), Republican: Forsyth County- 17,112, 72.4%
  • Matthew Helms, Democratic: Forsyth County- 6,511, 27.6%

State House District 28, representing portions of northern Forsyth County and a portion of Hall County. This is the first election for the seat in Forsyth following redistricting.

  • Brent Cox, Republican: District- 20,467, 80%; Forsyth County- 17,274, 80.2%
  • Claudia Wood, Democratic: District- 5,107, 20%; Forsyth County- 4,259, 19.8%

State House District 100, representing portions of southern Forsyth County and portions of Gwinnett and Hall counties. This is the first election for the seat in Forsyth following redistricting.

  • David Clark (incumbent for current District 98), Republican: District- 15,005, 64.8%; Forsyth County- 3,701, 62.7%
  • Louisa Shell Jackson, Democratic: District- 8,142, 35.2% ; Forsyth County- 2,204, 37.3%

Forsyth County Board of Education District 5, representing a portion of southern Forsyth County

  • Mike Valdes, Republican:  Forsyth County- 11,809, 63.2%
  • Elaine Padgett: Forsyth County- 6,866, 36.7%

For Upper Chattahoochee River Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor

  • Incumbent Leonard W. Ridings: Forsyth County- 54,812, 62.9%
  • John “JJ” Jorgensen: Forsyth County- 32,345, 37.1%

Along with the contested races on the ballot, Solicitor General Bill Finch, Forsyth County District 1 Commissioner candidate Kerry Hill and District 3 Commissioner Todd Levent either did not receive a challenge or won their primary and did not draw a challenge from another party.

Board of Education member for District 1 Wes McCall drew a challenge from Democratic candidate Janna Kregoski, who has since withdrawn from the race. According to state law, votes for a withdrawn candidate will not be counted.

Here's how Forsyth County voted in statewide races:

United States Senate

  • Herschel Junior Walker, Republican- 65,953, 64.8%
  • Raphael Warnock (incumbent), Democratic- 32,812, 32.3%
  • Chase Oliver, Libertarian- 2,977, 2.9%

  • Brian Kemp (incumbent), Republican- 74,048, 72.4%
  • Stacey Abrams, Democratic- 27,397, 26.7%
  • Shane Hazel, Libertarian- 892, .9%
Lieutenant Governor 

  • Burt Jones, Republican- 70,402, 69.2%
  • Charlie Bailey, Democratic- 28,945, 28.5%
  • Ryan Graham, Libertarian- 2,377, 2.3%
Secretary of State

  • Brad Raffensperger (incumbent), Republican- 72,152, 71%
  • Bee Nguyen, Democratic- 25,555, 25.2%
  • Ted Metz, Libertarian- 3,857, 3.8%

Attorney General

  • Chris Carr (incumbent), Republican- 71,078, 69.9% 
  • Jennifer ''Jen'' Jordan, Democratic- 28,906, 28.4%
  • Martin Cowen, Libertarian- 1,758, 1.7%

State School Superintendent 

  • Richard Woods (incumbent), Republican- 74,284, 73.3%
  • Alisha Thomas Searcy, Democratic- 27,107, 26.7%

What else is on the ballot?

Along with candidates, proposed constitutional amendments, statewide referendum questions and a special election for a proposed $250 million Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, or TSPLOST, in Forsyth County will also be on the ballot.

Here's how Forsyth County voters responded: 

Special Election Forsyth County

Forsyth County Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST)

"Shall a special 1 percent sales and use tax be imposed in the special district consisting of Forsyth County for a period of time not to exceed 5 years and for the raising of an estimated amount of $250,000,000 for transportation purposes?" 

  • Yes- 49,681, 49.8%
  • No- 50,066, 50.2%

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

1- Provides for suspension of compensation of certain State officers and members of the General Assembly.

Senate Resolution No. 134, Resolution Act No. 304

"Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to suspend the compensation of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State School Superintendent, Commissioner of Insurance, Commissioner of Agriculture, Commissioner of Labor, or any member of the General Assembly while such individual is suspended from office following indictment for a felony?"

  • Yes - 89,657, 90%
  • No- 9,992, 10%

2- Provides for temporary local tax relief after disasters.

House Resolution No. 594, Resolution Act No. 803

"Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide that the governing authority of each county, municipality, and consolidated government and the board of education of each independent and county school system in this state shall be authorized to grant temporary tax relief to properties within its jurisdiction which are severely damaged or destroyed as a result of a disaster and located within a nationally declared disaster area?”

  • Yes- 92,298, 91.9%
  • No- 8,127, 8.1%

Statewide Referendum Questions

A-Provides for ad valorem tax exemption for certain timber production, reforestation, and harvesting equipment.

House Bill No. 997, Act No. 859

"Shall the Act be approved which grants a state-wide exemption from all ad valorem taxes for certain equipment used by timber producers in the production or harvest of timber?"

  • Yes- 54,305, 55.4%
  • No- 43,734, 44.6%

B- Expands ad valorem tax exemption for family-owned farms and adds qualified products to the exemption.

House Bill No. 498, Act No. 260

"Shall the Act be approved which expands a state-wide exemption from ad valorem taxes for agricultural equipment and certain farm products held by certain entities to include entities comprising two or more family-owned farm entities, and which adds dairy products and unfertilized eggs of poultry as qualified farm products with respect to such exemption?"

  • Yes- 75,246, 76.7% 
  • No- 22,942, 23.3%