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Home suffers minimal damage after resident finds flames in crawl space
Forsyth County firefighters quick to put out blaze at home in central Forsyth

Quick work by Forsyth County firefighters minimized damage to a Forsyth County home after a resident discovered a fire in the crawl space beneath a Habersham Trace home.

Officials say the resident began to investigate after smelling what she thought was a burning candle at about 5:30 p.m., Tuesday while sitting in her daughter’s bedroom. At first, she said she couldn’t find the source of the odor, but after realizing it appeared to be coming from the HVAC vents, she looked in the crawl space beneath the home, and saw orange flames.

According to the report, several fire engines and other equipment were dispatched, and the crawl space fire was put out by firefighters. At first, officials could not see the source of where the fire started, but during an investigation, a gas company representative turned the gas back on to the home briefly, and a firefighter near where the blaze started could hear and smell gas escaping from a nearby gas line.

Both Forsyth County Fire Department and gas company investigators have been brought in to determine if the leaking gas was the source of the fire, according to the report.

The fire is still under investigation.