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Realtor donates lifesaving Narcan to Forsyth, Dawson agencies
102320 Narcan FCSO
Local Realtor Jennifer Hodges (center) donates Narcan, a medicine designed to combat the effects of opiate overdose, to the members of the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office. (For the Forsyth County News)

Local nonprofit Realty4Recovery hosted its Fourth Annual Teacup Memorial event on Aug. 31. The Teacup Memorial is an event in which the community can help spread awareness about drug addiction and overdoses in youth and adults alike, aged 15-65. Families and individuals can request a teacup to be lit in honor of a loved one during the event. 

Local Realtor Jennifer Hodge helps run the event along with her daughters, Lauren and Ashleigh. Realtors in the area donate to Realty4Recovery, allowing the nonprofit to purchase and donate Narcan, which is a medicine designed to combat the effects of opiate overdose.  

This year, the Teacup Memorial culminated in over 1,100 teacups being lit.

During the event, Realty4Recovery donated Narcan to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office. The nonprofit was also able to donate Narcan to the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office in mid-October. 
All donations for this year’s event were made by Century 21 Results, Loan Depot, and the “Not in Vain, Warrior Moms” of North Atlanta.

Narcan was an important part of this year’s Teacup Memorial. Two years ago, Narcan provided by Realty4Recovery helped save the lives of two young men. Since then, Jennifer Hodge has made it her goal to donate as much Narcan as possible to area sheriff departments and schools.  

“Once I saw that need, I immediately changed to providing Narcan,” Hodge said. 

The teacups are also vital because they serve as a visual reminder. Hodge first started by bringing some teacups along with her to each of her events and speeches.  

“They were left over from my daughter’s wedding,” Hodge said. “I’d bought 100 of them for the wedding and then I thought, ‘What am I gonna do with 100 teacups?’ So I took them to events and said, ‘If you want someone remembered, write down their name with the cup and we’ll light it,’ and from there, that was really the beginning.” 

The Teacup Memorial has since grown from humble Georgia-based roots, stretching out to neighboring states. South Carolina had a Teacup Memorial, according to Hodge, where a mother put Realty4Rehab teacups on the steps of a courthouse. Jacksonville, Fla., is planning an event as well and hopes to launch it soon. Realty4Recovery has been recognized as a listed charity on Amazon’s website. 

Realty4Recovery is planning to host another Teacup Memorial in December. Hodge stated that she would like to continue to have these events frequently during the pandemic to further raise awareness.  

“Kids are having a hard time right now,” Hodge said. “Everything’s different, so we want to help spread awareness and education.”  

More information can be found at Realty4Recovery’s website,

“It’s going to make a wave,” Hodge said. “When you look at all the teacups and realize there’s a name behind each and every one of them, that’s powerful.”