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Regulations for outdoor burning are changing this year
Outdoor burning allowed starting Oct. 1
Brush fire
-Photo by Sebastian Pociecha, Unsplash

The Forsyth County Fire Department has updated regulations for outdoor burning in accordance with changes to the State of Georgia outdoor burn notification system.

Outdoor burning is allowed in Forsyth County between the months of October and April.

The law no longer requires an individual to inform the Georgia Forestry Commission online or by phone about the intention to burn leaf piles and yard debris.

Outdoor burning is still prohibited when humidity is less than 25 percent or winds are greater than 10 mph. Anyone wishing to burn should check the local weather forecast to ensure that predicted weather is within these parameters.

Forsyth County Fire would like to remind residents of these important precautions for burning outdoors:

• Burning is allowed daily unless deemed unsafe by the Forsyth County Fire Department. Before burning, call 770-781-2180 or check to determine if burning is prohibited.

• Burning may only occur between 10:00 a.m. and one hour before sunset.

• Only naturally fallen debris may be burned in a pile no larger than 6 feet in diameter and 2 feet high. No more than two piles may be burning at a time.

• There must be at least 25 feet between the fire and woodlands or the fire and a property line.

• There must be 50 feet between the fire and structures. More information on outdoor burning regulations and safety information can be found on the Forsyth County Fire Department webpage or by clicking here.