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Cmon Forsyth, lets get fit in 15
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Forsyth County’s Get Fit in ’15 program will start Thursday with weigh-ins from noon to 1 p.m. and 5 to 6 p.m. at the Central, Fowler and Old Atlanta recreation centers. Weigh-outs will be held at the same times and parks Feb. 16. Registrations will be accepted at the three recreations centers from 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday, online at, or by fax or mail.

Here it is nearly mid-January and some of us well-intentioned people are beginning to wane from our exercise routines. Perhaps others of us have yet to start one.

I have exercised my entire life, but it would be lying to say I loved doing so. In fact, if I don’t have some type of accountability, the exercise routine quickly falls by the wayside.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the way I feel during exercise and afterwards. And I want to be in good shape and healthy overall. Still, exercising regularly is a challenge.

I am the queen of excuses as to why I can’t make it to the gym. A popular one during the winter months is that it’s too cold and rainy outside. Of course, I have also been known to use the excuse of “the weather is too beautiful out right now” during warmer months.

There is always the excuse of needing to do housework. Unlike men, women know there are always a million things to do around a house, even when it has just been “cleaned.”

Children provide endless excuses for not exercising. Someone is sick, needs to go to an appointment, has too much homework and extracurricular activities, etc.

The most popular excuse for most of us is just being too busy.

Joining a gym, despite the promises, does not mean we will necessarily go. I have yet to meet a personal trainer who offers to bring me coffee in bed and encourage me to get dressed, then drive me to the gym and cheer me on.

Celebrities may have that sort of service. For us regular people, however, that’s pretty much a fantasy world — not that my fantasies would ever have anything to do with exercise.

So what are us busy, not-all-that-enthusiastic yet need-to-exercise folks to do? Have no fear, the Forsyth County Parks and Recreation Department is here.

Sign up right now for their Get Fit in ’15 fitness challenge at Fowler, Old Atlanta or Central parks. I did. It’s a real bargain at $20.15 for the month of the challenge.

It begins Thursday and lasts until Feb. 16. There is a weigh-in, which is never fun. But that’s the only way to measure progress.

During the challenge, we can use the awesome facilities at any of the parks’ recreation centers, and also have access to their classes and fitness rooms, as well as their indoor tracks.

I used to take fitness classes when our children were young. In my mind, there is no better way to get an overall body workout than by taking a class, especially those that have 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of sculpting. The hour goes so quickly and makes for a great workout.

As I noted, I took a lot of classes when our kids were young, but had not done so in years.

Although I frequent the parks to walk and to work out in the exercise room, I have to admit I was a little intimidated to take an exercise class. What if I couldn’t keep up with everybody or, worse, looked ridiculous?

When I read about the fitness challenge, I decided that would be my motivation to not only sign up, but to also take some fitness classes before the challenge begins and start 2015 off right.

So last week, I took a cardio/sculpt class. Despite my fears, it was fantastic.

I was a little uncoordinated, especially during the cardio part, but participants can really go at their own pace. Nobody laughed at me and honestly, everybody was super nice.

Best of all, when it was over, I felt terrific. Never mind the next day I could barely walk. As the days go on, I suspect my body will react better.

We really are so lucky to live in a county that has such wonderful facilities. For those who haven’t visited one of the recreation centers, please do.

I understand they are going to have other tools to help with the month-long challenge, such as short workouts that can be done at home. Please consider signing up.

If you do spot me trying Zumba or some other class out of my comfort zone, feel free to come say hello. But please, no pictures!

I hope to see everyone there!


Adlen Robinson is author of “Home Matters: The Guide to Organizing Your Life and Home.” E-mail her at