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Reality of winter in Georgia is snow fun
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Forsyth County News

I am not sure how much more of Old Man Winter (my apologies to any elderly gentleman who might be offended) I can take.

As of this writing, it’s snowing like crazy outside. While that snow is expected to thaw quickly, a second winter storm threatens to dump more snowfall on us.

Furthermore, if one more person from up North tells me this is “nothing,” and “you have no idea what winter really is,” I may have a breakdown.

I know things are worse other places. I also genuinely feel for my Northern friends who just cannot get a break from all of that snow. That said, things are different down here.

First of all, we’re not equipped for foul weather. We don’t have snow tires and most of us don’t even have one of those little scraper things. I remember in college using my driver’s license to scrape my windshield. Needless to say it didn’t work very well.

There are limited snow plows south of the Mason Dixson line. Not many cities can afford to buy, store and then maintain these expensive machines when they may need them just once in a decade.

Of course, there has been much more planning after last year’s “snowpocalypse.” But still, we are pretty much crippled when ice storms hit.

Some parents do complain when school is cancelled and they don’t think the roads are bad enough, but I am always happy we have a school system that is trying to look out for everybody’s safety.

People seem to forget what a big county we live in. The school system has to do what is best for the safety of all children, teachers, administrators, and bus drivers. The age old saying, “safe rather than sorry” is particularly true in my mind.

When the power goes out, most of us are not prepared. Just like the snow plows, who can afford to purchase an expensive generator when you may need it just once in 10 years.

And even then, thanks to our dedicated and skilled linemen, we usually lose power for just a few hours. I know this past big storm left some people without power for much longer, but this was certainly not typical.

We have lived here for nearly 25 years and have lost power a few times and for just a few hours. Thank you linemen and power company!

Most of us don’t have the clothes for super-cold weather. I certainly don’t. My winter coats were purchased because they are stylish. I have never bought a coat for warmth particularly.

I do have one that is warmer than others that I always wore when our children were young and we did get snow. That coat is so far back in my closet, I actually forgot I owned it until writing this.

I have had gloves over the years, but I don’t know where they are. I never seem to have them when I am running from my warm car to the grocery store. My hands just stay cold until spring arrives in all of its glory.

Like everything else for frigid temperatures, I don’t want to invest in lots of winter wear since we just don’t usually have sustained cold weather.

One joke about Georgia weather is, “Well, don’t worry about this cold because it will be in the 60s next week.”

This year hasn’t felt that way. But hopefully, after this next round of cold, we can have some sunny, warm days that will remind us March is here and spring is near.

And to those who keep telling me I have no idea what winter is really like, you may be right. But let me remind you, I don’t want to know. I just want another glorious Georgia spring.


Adlen Robinson is author of “Home Matters: The Guide to Organizing Your Life and Home.” E-mail her at