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Citizens must join together
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Forsyth County News

For years, America has been a country of hope. It has been a country of freedom: freedom of speech and freedom to worship as we please.

It’s been a country where people ban together under a constitution of laws, a country founded on Christian values, as shown and taught from the Bible, where people are encouraged to work, pray and worship. It has been a country that has become the envy of the world because people take responsibility for their actions and they band together to help others.

They encourage the lost to be saved and they try to live a life like Jesus Christ.

But now, some politicians are promising change: a change that “We the People” do not want and a change that will not be good for our country. It will be a change with big government trying to take away our freedom. It will be a change that will try to control our life, our health care and maybe our time of death. It will be a change that discourages Christianity, personal responsibility, destroys motivation and will change producers to parasites. This can cause corruption displeasing to God.

However, it is not time to give up hope: hope in “We the People.” We can still take our country back, but we must let our voices be heard. To do this, we must band together.

We must pray, worship and vote. We must vote against corruption. We must fight against socialism. We must try to save our freedom, our lost and build a nation of producers that encourages parasites to become extinct.


Edith Harper Pinson