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Is the BOC our countys best interest?
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Forsyth County News

As a resident of Forsyth County, I have seen the growth of our county go from near zero to 120 mph in 23 years.

Most of the growth is good, but we now find ourselves really scrambling to keep up, and certainly not building a solid plan for the future.

It is very frustrating to see good plans that were made when there was no pressure from so many factions, now being modified due to the pressure of developers, land owners etc. wanting to CASH in “while it’s a hot market.” The UDC was a good plan, not perfect, but thought through. Well, the BOC has seen to it that the market has stayed hot, through many decisions that are either not fully thought through, or without all departments “signing off.”

For example, reducing the lot size of the Res-3 by 40 percent to 10,000 square feet has raised the possibility of a tsunamis effect on our already overcrowded schools, (43,000 students for 40,000 spaces) roads, sewer systems that are struggling, water supplies and probably electrical power. If all of the next 2,300 plus applications are approved at the current 10K size it will mean all residents will take a big hit rather immediately, on all of the above systems.

Growth and expansion is healthy, but we need to be sure to bring along the revenue and the infrastructure at a steady and sane rate, so that we “don’t kill the chicken that lays the golden egg.” This is a beautiful area with so many great attributes; let’s grow gracefully, not pell-mell, and that concept will produce even more “desire” for people to want to live in Forsyth County, a beautiful place, growing carefully and thoughtfully.

The BOC were elected by the people and are challenged to represent our best interest, aren’t they?


Ron Monson