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Letter: New hospital a bad fit for Sanders Road
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I am a 20-year resident of Forsyth County and I live in the Grove Park subdivision off Sanders Road. Over the past 20 years, development along Sanders Road has increased to the point that traffic is a major concern.

I recently was informed that Encompass Health is now requesting to build an 80-bed rehabilitation hospital on Sanders Road. Our attempts to work with them have not been successful. They have apparently decided to forge ahead with their plans and ignore our requests to work with us to mitigate traffic, noise and light pollution.

This is not news to our commissioners who seem to encourage “growth” at the expense of the homeowners in this county. I am appalled at Encompass’ attempt to ignore and remove the directly impacted homeowners from the process.

I believe their plans are wrong for the lot size and wrong for the location especially given the traffic dynamics of Sanders Road. More importantly, their plans directly contradict the county and city goals in the Forsyth and Cumming Comprehensive Plan for 2017 through 2037 and violates the values in the maintenance of our Characteristic Area (Haw Creek and Daves Creek.)

It is times like this where this community and the leaders of this community have to choose to stand for the values and value of our community against the outsiders in search of profit at the expense of our quality of life.

Please join me and residents of the Grove Park Subdivision as we work to resist a bad idea in the wrong place. Please contact the commissioners and ask them to resist the approval of their applications.

Jeff Clement