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Letter to the editor
Water restrictions need common sense
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Forsyth County News
As I look at my home and my neighbors’ homes, it’s obvious that most are obeying the watering restrictions of the county. The exterior of our homes and gutters are green from the lack of cleaning. Our gutters and porches are not cleaned. Dirt and mildew are everywhere.

Why? We can’t use water to clean our prize possession, our homes. I called the water department and was told water could not be used on any hard surface. They stated I could hire a pressure washing company ($200 - $500) to wash my home but cannot do it myself.

I own a pressure washer and would normally clean the outside of my home, gutters, my porches and outdoor furniture. I agree with the watering restrictions but propose that the citizens of this county should be given at least two days per month in daylight hours to clean their personal property.

Not being able to clean the outside is causing deterioration of my paint and reducing the value of my home. If you agree with this proposal, contact your local officials. Perhaps a permit system could be set up with the local fire houses.

Rachel Lance