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Letter to the editor
Kudos to firemen for job well done
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Forsyth County News
 A couple of weeks ago, one of the homes in our neighborhood, Sharon Walk, had a fire break out in the garage. In that garage were a mother dog and her large litter of puppies born just the day before.

As soon as the smoke was detected, a call went out to the fire department. They arrived in mere minutes and quickly went to work.

Due their quick and professional response, the fire was contained in a matter of minutes, and though damaged, the main structure of the home was saved.
Amazingly, all of the dogs survived the incident.

Had the Forsyth Firefighters not responded so quickly and professionally, the dogs and the home surely would have been lost.

We in Sharon Walk just wanted our firefighters to know that we are very appreciative of their quick response and effective efforts that night.

Jeffrey Gelinas,

President of Sharon Walk HOA