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Letter to the editor
Be informed on dog ordinance
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Forsyth County News
I am glad to see that concerned citizens are writing in support of amending our county dog ordinances. All surrounding counties have done this and have done a far more extensive update to the entire 30 pages.

I would love it if anyone interested would request a copy of the proposed changes before commenting as well as go on line and watch the county commissioner work session from 2-24-09 online to see how the discussion went among the commissioners. The reason I would like this is because some people have commented on things that are simply not true. 

Any citizen of the county may even attend the work sessions for the commissioners. They are only to observe, not allowed to speak, but it’s beneficial to see and hear what is said and by whom.

The county ordinances are extensive and most all words are defined — for example  dog owner is defined, vicious dog is defined — yet four words that are important to the very health and comfort of a dog are not. These are adequate shelter, space, water and food. What this means is, a tree can be considered “adequate shelter” and is in our county since there is no definition. Adding four definitions shouldn’t be too much to do for the dogs in our county.

As for amending the ordinances to include one new law, making it unlawful to tether (cable, chain, tie) a dog 24/7 also comes with the verbiage [that enofrcement will be], complaint based, and it allows for brief periods for dogs to relieve themselves. On top of this, deputies with our respectable Sheriffs Office use their judgment and discretion every day and would continue to do this here, as to what, if any, action should be made by the dog owner to correct the situation.

Again, I encourage anyone interested in this issue to get involved, attend the commissioner work session on April 7 and watch the discussion. Nothing has been finalized as to the language. Everyone seems to want to take great care in making sure it’s written in a way that we all can live with and that, ultimately, gives the dogs of our county a small upgrade to their quality of life.

I would appreciate anyone who responds, to avoid making a statement about me personally, what I do with  my time, my beliefs and values, without having ever met me.

Leslie Greenfield