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Letter to the editor
Officers deserve adequate quarters
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Forsyth County News
I’m following with dismay FCN’s coverage of inadequate sheriff’s office facilities, particularly articles related to the Crime Scene Investigations buildings.  

Taxpayers will willingly shell out sales taxes on entertainment, vacations, pricey vehicles, dining out, and a multitude of other consumables, but become miserly when it comes to the safety of Forsyth County citizens.

Instead of providing optimal working conditions for the very people who investigate and lock up criminals,  Forsyth County voters once again supported marginal sheriff’s department and jail facilities in November, 2008. If you need to consult a dictionary when looking up the word miserly,  you probably voted against the bond. Providing substandard facilities for Crime Scene Investigators and a shortage of secure jail cells promotes several alarming outcomes, including:

1) Educated investigators taking their talents elsewhere and

2) More felons wandering the streets of Forsyth County.

Patte Smudde